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"Behind the stick"

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A Champion on the ice:


Know for selflessly sacrificing his body on the ice for the greater good of the team, Former Chicago Blackhawk Stanley Cup Champion Brent Sopel is a fearless defender.  ​  

"Brent is the first guy to block a shot, first guy to confront somebody, first guy to help out. That says something for his character, that’s for sure.”

Brent Sopel...

My family used to have a 1940 Massey-Harris tractor on our farm in Saskatchewan.

It was like one of those you see on the side of the road, the ones that have been tossed aside and left to be covered in rust. It was a relic from another era — filled with memories from a different time.

I always wanted to drive it, but my parents wouldn’t let me.

So I had to improvise.

There was a small grass-covered hill on the south end of our farm. When I was seven years old, I used to work out by pushing our tractor up that hill. I’d carry a brick with me in my left arm, like it was a football, and push with my right. When I got tired, I’d place the brick under the wheel so that the tractor wouldn’t roll downhill. Then I’d sit on the ground with my back against the hot metal of the hood and wipe sweat from my forehead. Saskatchewan summers can get damn warm.

But as we used to say on the farm, “If you were sweatin’, you were workin’.”

Brent Sopel...


A Champion of causes:


Fearlessly defending underdogs of all walks of life, Brent is no longer hiding “behind the stick” as he reveals his own hidden challenges.


Winners and champions aren’t those without struggles. They are the people that overcome them.


The battles Brent fought on the ice left visible scars…but the invisable wounds he suffered cut deeper.


Brents personal story have directed him towards a path of advocating for others who are struggling with similar obstacles.  As a result, Brent’s mission is to be:


  • A Champion for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Awareness. 


  • A Champion for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery

  • A Champion for Youth Training and Mentoring


  • A Champion for Career Transitions & Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Brent Sopel...



  • Broadcasting

  • Appearances

  • Public Speaking


Looking for a speaker for your next event?  Or a public appearance that will wow the crowd?  Brent is as dynamic and passionate off ice as he is on the ice.  

In addition to being a Champion in his sport, Brent is a sincere and compelling Champion of a variety of causes including advocating for understanding dyslexia, addition recovery, and career transitioning.

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