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The Y Program Defined

The Y program is a personalized coaching approach that breaks down techniques and skills in a way that is personalized to the athlete.


What it Does

Assesses the athlete in a way that will provide a deeper understanding to the how and why they do what they do. Brent will use this information to create a unique relationship to build their self-esteem and self awareness to meet their personal needs and wants.


WHY it Matters to You

It's important to learning how to develop discipline in any sport along with new skills and techniques that can take you further on and off the ice.

What differentiates Brent from other hockey instructors.

Brent turned his personal struggles into strengths, in order to help the next generation of athletes.

He found a positive way to use his personal struggles of having dyslexia, ADHD and self diagnosed CTE, in addition to conquering substance abuse by listening, giving of his time and having the patience to coach others through a variety of their own challenges. 


Brent felt misunderstood as an athlete and person, but has grown into his strengths. He is here to make sure everyone is understood and heard.

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